The Followers You Have are the Followers you Keep

February 01, 2019

I use social media to help with my marketing. You can do the same thing. I do it on Facebook and on Instagram as a matter of practice. I find it to be very fruitful in terms of generating leads and for adding to my email subscribers, especially with Instagram.

The best way to start out on Instagram involves getting an account as the first step. That is easy. You just go to the site and sign up. From there, you start posting but it is very important to be good with your posts. I learned at an early stage that Instagram is mostly about the images you post.

In order to catch the attention of users to make them followers, you have to use the most brilliant and colorful images that you can either take or create. That means photos you take that have a lot of color or images that fit the same bill. I use both photos and stock images for my posts.

You have to learn how to grow Instagram followers like I did. It may not be easy at first. As stated, your images need to be strong. They need to be clear, catchy, and realistic. Ideally, you will use images and photos that call on the emotions of people who see them. That should be easy enough.

One of the things you can do to start out is buy your real Instagram followers. There are a couple of ways to do this. I found a website that sells both the users and the followers and I go to that site to buy them. Once you find that site then you go from there.

It is a matter of tweaking your posts so they look a bit more popular than they may already be. That makes people want to follow since it looks like you already have a following and a lot of likes. When you buy the followers, add them evenly to your most lagging posts which are not getting attention.

I make sure that I keep a good record of the results from this. When you keep a g record, you can tell if your posts are effective or not and then you can adjust your tactics accordingly. As long as you follow the right posting strategies, you should do well like I did.

I use captions that get attention. I make sure that every caption I use is related directly to the brand I am posting about. Since I am trying to get more leads, I make it relative to the products I market. In order to do that, you will need to fully understand your brand. Know everything about it.

When your captions match your photos, it will draw good attention and you can move on. I use smart images and smart captions because I know how to get real followers. Your followers that you have are the followers that you can keep if you follow up with them.